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energy deregulation 101
Unfortunately, not every state is deregulated. There are still states that are regulated or partially deregulated. Partial deregulation could mean only one commodity is deregulated (ie. Natural gas or Electricity, but not both) or could also mean that only part of the state is deregulated.




Your bill is broken up into two components: Supply (what you are charged for what you use) and Distribution (what you are charged to get the commodity to your home). Energy deregulation will affect the cost of the supply portion of your bill. 
These local utility companies are responsible for the distribution of the commodity to your business (or home), regardless of the supplier you choose. 

The price listed on the supply portion of your bill will be set by the supplier you selected through the multiple options provided by Parker Energy .... (and not your local utility company). If you have any problems with your lines, meters, etc., then you will still contact your local utility company, as you did in the past, to fix it, and not the supplier. It is also important to note that although your electricity and/or natural gas will be coming from a new supplier, there will not be any disruption in service when the initial transfer occurs.  Simple and Seamless .... Guaranteed!.
For as long as most of us can remember, public utilities have been operated as regulated monopolies with no competitors. If you have a power outage/gas leak, a broken meter or need any other kind of service, you would call the local utility company to address any of these issues. Unfortunately, this also meant that you did not have an option in the rates that you were charged.

In the last decade, many states have begun to reevaluate the lack of competition in their states due to escalating energy rates. As a result, the competition among gas and electricity suppliers has increased. What is happening with energy deregulation is similar to what happened when the phone industry was deregulated. 

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